Best Crypto Films

These best crypto films show how digital money changes our banks and society. 

We will explore the top crypto movies that make people think a lot about money’s future.

Best Crypto Movies

The Big Short (2015)

The Big Short movie does not talk about cryptocurrency or Bitcoin even a single time, so it will not teach you the workings of this technology. 

However, what it does show is a strong argument that our present system of money is flawed and requires change; from this perspective, The Big Short appears to support the idea of Bitcoin.

The Big Short, adapted from a book by the highly acclaimed writer Michael Lewis, traces the events of the 2008 Financial Crisis through the eyes of a handful who predicted its arrival. It reveals layers beyond the financial industry’s outer surface to show internal decay.


It is not as dull as one might think; it has many famous actors from Hollywood like Ryan Gosling, Brad Pitt, and Christian Bale. If you have experienced buying stocks at a low point, you will relate to some of the people in The Big Short.

Banking On Bitcoin (2016)

Christopher Cannucciari, who directed the movie Enchanted for Disney, might not be someone you’d expect to make a documentary about Bitcoin’s influence on finance. However, he manages to do an excellent job even though there are no animated characters involved.

From the title, you can understand this crypto documentary focuses on Bitcoin and not so much on the wider world of cryptocurrencies. If tou interested more about it, you can read more about pros and cons of cryptocurrency. Since it was produced in 2016, it is expected because many things that are important in cryptocurrency today were not present at that time.

Currency (2021)

Spike Lee is known for directing movies that highlight racial inequality problems, like BlacKkKlansman and Da 5 Bloods. It’s quite intriguing that he chose to direct and act in an advertisement for a Crypto ATM.

The movie is making a connection between not being included because of race and money issues. It wants to show that new types of online money could help things get better, but since it’s just two minutes long, it focuses more on getting people to talk about the issue rather than giving much deep information.

Bitcoin: The End of Money As We Know It (2015) & Cryptopia (2020)

These two films are packaged as one because Torsten Hoffmann directed both and he seemed eager to revisit the topic that he initially explored in 2015.

Bitcoin: The End of Money As We Know It examines the history of money and offers people, who often do not think about where it comes from, a helpful perspective on why we always need more money, how it functions and importantly, the vulnerabilities in our current monetary system.

This begins the introduction to Bitcoin as money’s evolution, and then the next part, Cryptopia, goes into more depth about Bitcoin, Blockchain and what will come in the future.

The two movies depend a lot on talks with important people from the cryptocurrency area, and they have interviews with some who cause much debate. If someone is just starting to learn about this topic, watching these films can help them understand quickly. 

However, if you already know about it, you might think more deeply about which people or information are in or not in the movie.

The Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain (2018)


Please do not allow the knowledge that one member of the Wyld Stallions directed this documentary to discourage you. Besides acting as a well-known slacker, Bill from “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure,” Alex Winter has followed a path in directing and created many acclaimed documentaries like ‘The Trust Machine – The Story of Blockchain’.

The documentary came out in 2018 and the quality of production is higher than what most earlier films on crypto had. 

You can see this because it does a good job mixing explanations about how blockchain started, its functions and definitions, along with predictions for its impact using examples from real life that help beginners understand better.

Some well-known individuals from the cryptocurrency world, such as venture capitalist Adam Draper, offer their opinions in a talking-head format, mixed with news coverage and classic documentary examination.

The single downside is that crypto and blockchain progress very quickly, which makes some sections appear slightly old-fashioned; however, this should not take away from its general worth.

Conclusion of Best Crypto Films

As we finish looking at the best crypto films, it is evident that this new kind of film does more than just amuse. It acts as a portal to understanding how much cryptocurrencies and blockchain can change things. 

These best crypto movies challenge old ways of managing money and paint a picture of an open and distributed tomorrow. They encourage people to think, start conversations, and welcome viewers to consider what could happen with digital money changes.


Can crypto films help me understand cryptocurrency better❓

Yes. A movie about cryptocurrency often breaks down complex topics into digestible segments, helping viewers grasp the fundamentals of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

What are the best crypto films❓ 

The big short, Banking on Bitcoin, The trust machine: The story of Blockchain.

Are cryptocurrency films educational❓

Yes, many crypto films aim to educate viewers about the basics of cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, and their potential impact on the future of finance.

What is the best crypto documentary❓

The best crypto documentary is subjective, but popular choices include The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin, Banking on Bitcoin, Cryptopia: Bitcoin, Blockchains, and the Future of the Internet.

Are crypto films suitable for everyone❓

While some crypto films may appeal to a general audience, others may contain complex themes or technical jargon that could be challenging for viewers unfamiliar with cryptocurrency.